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hah hah well said, General....
Re: Sarah Sanders wears big-boy pants, the WH press corps wears diapers: -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

06/05/2018, 22:18:55

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...she's a jewel in the Executive Branch Crown. 

Bottom line is that when Hill-O-Lies was being investigated (or something similar) by the FBI for her email scandal, the leftist mass media freely discussed how as the president of the United States the Bitch could use her own pardoning power to eradicate any trace of trouble from any finding that she had violated the law in managing her illegal email server, etc. 

They offered this up to the voting public about a week before the election with the intention of putting any fears people had to rest that she might be crippled by her own criminal misdeeds if she were elected. 

There was not even a little leftist discomfort THEN with the idea that a president could or should exercise their power to pardon themselves of criminal wrong-doing. heh 

I guess some presidents are more presidential than others. Hypocrisy is OWNED by the far left. 

It has become their "brand identity" so to speak. That and unrelenting, unrepentant, bald-faced mendacity. 

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