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We do it all wrong when we deport illegals
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Posted by: Bartb

05/16/2018, 03:45:52

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Some years ago, I lived in another country. They had a punishment for a multitude of crimes that applied to citizens and foreigners alike. It was called something like "isolation". That's not the right word, but it's been a long time. It worked like this:
The offender would be stuck in the back of a pickup ad driven for a long way over semi-paved roads. (It was a constant decision, whether to avoid the holes or the bumps.) Far into a vast desert, the person would be offloaded with certain requirements. Once a day, he must check in with the local chief of police. He should try to survive. It was more difficult if he did not speak the local language, but there was a real incentive to learn, quickly. The person had to get a job (no minimum wage) to get some food.
They could go wherever they wanted, but the nearest town was at least 100 miles away, over the desert. It was a typical desert, hotter than Hell in the day and colder than Iceland at night.
If he survived, the authorities would return in a year and put him in the back of a pickup and drive back to their version of "civilization".
Recidivism rates were low. As were survival rates.

Let's drop this idea of flying people to their home country. Ship them to places that are hard to get back from. (There are a lot of small islands in the Pacific... I've been to a couple of those which are nice when the typhoons are quiet.)

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