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Prosperity Paradox in full manifestation.
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

05/13/2018, 01:22:21

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The Prosperity Paradox is the principle which states that  any culture which advances to a condition of high general prosperity will inherently breed cacogenic stock, who will then become dominant. Cacogens will once in power, proceed to  eradicate the conditions by which that prosperity was created/sustained.

In this case, the cacogens - being inferior ignoramuses by basic nature, do not know what is rightly to be done and not done. Lunatics need to be suppressed, neutralized and eradicated from any and all positions of power/authority or they destroy everything they touch - including themselves. 

And they touch themselves a LOT!!!

Only a committed, utterly lethal lunatic messes with the foundation of a structure. The U.S. Constitution is a work of GENIUS!!! Messing with it to "modernize it" is the epitome of recklessness, arrogance and abject stupidity all rolled into one.  

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