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Hey! What do you call it when one (1) prominent LGBTXYZ lawyer burns himself alive over Climate Change??
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Posted by: LateForLunch ®

04/16/2018, 06:33:52

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(inhale) A good start? Well, that may be going a little too far, but for the love of God...what a nut. Imagine that, a far left  homosexual "activist" who was emotionally disturbed!! Wow. Unheard-of!! Shocking!! 

NOTE: The quote he used (obtained from the Communist Manifesto or something) no doubt became for him an "idea-of-reference". That is a term which psychologists use to describe the beliefs emotionally disturbed people latch onto, around which their latent psychotic process largely rotates.
Imagine the sort of mental process which goes from altruism to murdering themselves with fire. Disturbed !?! Ya' THINK!?!

He no doubt saw himself as a "thinking-type" personality, but that was incorrect. The world is full of "feeling-type" personalities who do not detect how their unconscious and "intuitions/feelings" hold the dominant position in their personalities, not their rational/logical/factual mind. Their thinking is subtly altered and every perception eventually becomes colored by bias - so they...

Never say
Never see 
Never think and
Never do 
That's really new  
Burma Shave 

and come to the idiotic conclusion that the best solution to whatever is bothering them is to torture themselves to death. 

Burning himself alive probably seemed like a good idea at the time - as it did for Buddhist monks in the 60s/70s. The benefit derived from the monks' actions will prolly be roughly the same - ZERO. 

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