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"I followed the guy's instructions" -- Which site? Facebook?
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Posted by: Russ Walden

04/15/2018, 09:20:09

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Tee --

I did the Google Takeout thing and found a relatively small collection of expected stuff -- tools, computers, politics, etc. I mostly use Bing, so didn't expect a lot from Google. I can't do Facebook because I don't have a FB account and there wouldn't be anything there anyhow. My daughter dabbles on Facebook, so I'll have her try it when she is here.

Somebody once wisely said, "There ain't no free lunch," so nobody should be surprised that when Google or Facebook, et al, provides a "free" service, there is a price in some form lurking in the background.

I don't put much energy into "online anonymity." The only place I am really cautious is in the area of financial accounts. 'Wouldn't want to get up some morning and discover that I'm broke.

Take care,


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