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Only that inspired by a song by Marvin Gaye . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

04/14/2018, 23:50:57

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. . . you can figure that out.

Ladyfriend leaves in the morning for a two-month China trip. It may get a little grim around here before she returns.

Tee --

No, actually, in all other respects, I am my usual upbeat self. I love this time of year. I am busy feeding my vast array of blooming shrubs and trees, spraying bug killer to keep the Japanese beetles from feasting on my cherry trees and, perhaps most importantly, transplanting baby trees -- especially baby dogwoods. When I find one growing in an inconvenient and unpromising place, I move it to a location with more promise. The dogwood is a slow growing tree -- transplanting baby dogwoods is not a pastime for the depressed.

I have not given up -- just retreated to a more sanguine place.

You will know that I have given up when my daughter is spreading my ashes down by the creek.

Good night, again and for real,


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