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Right in line with the New Confederacy.
Re: Subjects of Kalifornia - Please welcome, if you will, the new Ministry of Truth! -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

04/13/2018, 21:49:16

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a red diaper baby like Moonbeam is not about to wait for elections to bring the Revolution. He is a True Believer if there ever was one.

Brown is making his own party nervous - secession talk is reaching alarming levels. His application of government force is resulting in a counter-force emerging.

The New Confederacy BS is putting the entire state at increasing risk of catastrophic economic/cultural upheaval.

The elites of Mexifornia are seeing the consequences of a radical Alinskyite as governor with more coming down the pipe (DeLeon is a committed anti-white racist, reconquista ).

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