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The gizmos in the film Minority Report (eye-movement, retinal scanners) are just around the corner.
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04/13/2018, 21:17:21

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At this rate, when the Human Race finally murders itself, at least we will die surrounded by lots of the best toys. 

Some of the things to look forward to in the realm of gizmos (psycho gizmos if you like) are flexible (bendable plastic) screens/lighting which can follow the entire outline of a building (around corners, etc). The exteriors of building will start to incorporate not just lighting,but  lighting that is built into the building's surface, not hanging on fixtures but built right into the surfaces (walls, ceilings, floors). 

Unbeatable lie-detectors (unless the politicians have them outlawed). 

Liquid crystal "electric windows" opaque when charged, transparent when turned off. 

Three-dimensional "video tanks" (almost exactly like the ones Robert Heinlein wrote about in Stranger in a Strange Land) and other laser-projection displays (such as for graphically showing a battlefield) with real-time data (like the ones in Star Wars battle scenes). 

Highly mobile, small-capacity tunable laser weapons - such as the sort which may be either on a tripod (albeit linked to a power supply by a high-voltage power cable), mounted on fighter aircraft/choppers or on Humvees etc.

BTW, one major advantage of using laser cannons is that they have no recoil and so tend to be very accurate - once locked on, they have a very high ratio of effectiveness because discharging them does not disrupt the target lock (or require re-aiming the weapon). Once it's locked, it tends to STAY locked. 

Kinetic artillery (Electric Rail Guns) on warships and as mobile artillery (truck/train mounted). Devastatingly effective and requires no explosive ordnance storage or loading (much safer and less-expensive per round).  

Sadly, still no caseless ammunition rifles (like in the feature films Aliens, Starship Trooper. Caseless ammunition, like nuclear fusion, is one of those ever-looming, never-arriving technologies. Always seems just within reach but decade after decade still hasn't arrived. 

One likely major advantage of caseless ammunition would be that a single foot-soldier could potentially carry THOUSANDS of rounds to deliver to a target before needing to be resupplied, instead hundreds.

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