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She has a large target on her back . . .
Re: Thank you so much, Russ. This is so sad and because it will be so painful for her. I cut and pasted your thoughts to her -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden ®

04/13/2018, 17:47:08

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Dee --

If she thinks she is in love with him, they have corresponded enough that he knows her financial standing very well, and he knows which buttons to push.

Best case would be to cancel the whole thing, but that's not gonna happen.  Next best is that she has someone with her, armed with a bullshit detector, when the courier comes.  Does your niece live near enough?

Argghhh . . . . (nods to Cap'n Scurvey) . . . this is like watching a train wreck. 

There is nothing in international finance that requires a courier delivery of papers.  I have invested about 3/4 $Million dollars for some foreign investors, and it was all handled by phone, email and wire transfer -- no couriers need apply!!!  In one case, I was a participant, not in the other -- but both were handled the same way.

I'm sure he has some bullshit story about the source or nature of the funds require this kind of handling, but it is just that-- bullshit!  If it is a check, then it is already a traceable financial instrument, so they are gaining nothing by including her -- except her money!

If your niece has any questions, she can email me direct ("> or continue to pass them through you.  Your choice, makes no difference to me.  Send her this note, too.

Take care,


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