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Exactly! Russ, I have friends who are middle of the road and can be fooled by the left. It's amazing how, when I post news stories, they are astonished and ask me for verification. It has been very helpful and I am reaching people I would
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Posted by: Dee W.

04/13/2018, 11:53:46

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otherwise, have no opportunity to reach. Case in point: My next door neighbors are Democrats, and when we talk, we talk about local things. However, when I post these news articles, she has completely converted. She has been able to win over her hubby to a degree and knows how to detect BS. I've had this happen with school mates as well. I feel as if it's a USEFUL TOOL for me and nothing else...well...I must admit, I do get to catch up with the photos my family members post and read their latest goings on. It's amazing at what others post about their personal lives....

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