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LOL! Ahhhhhh. She will need to more than sign. She will need to give her bank info. That's what it is. Her loneliness has a big jump on her extreme intelligence.
Re: You have already identified the scam. Convincing her is a whole 'nother matter. . . . -- Russ Walden Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W.

04/13/2018, 11:45:17

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I did some research and it can get even worse. If he has already been able to scam one or two others, he may be attempting to put the funds in the Georgia bank, quickly withdraw them and leave her to face the fraud and scam charges.

She taught high school science and her hubby left her with a bundle in addition to her very healthy teacher's retirement (80% of her highest salary) in addition to health coverage from the district. She is furious that we wouldn't think he could love her. Wow! She was always such a bright lady.

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