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You have already identified the scam. Convincing her is a whole 'nother matter. . . .
Re: I need help quickly to identify a scam. My widowed friend, a brilliant high school science teacher, "fell in love" with a man she met online a few months ago. She has been extremely lonely since her hubby's departure a few years ago and -- Dee W. Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

04/13/2018, 10:58:02

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Dee --

The objective is to get her bank info and enough other info so they can loot her bank account. The courier won't "rob" her in the conventional sense of the word. He/she will be pleasant and delightful and get her bank info. Then, her world will turn to [feces].

Where does she live in Georgia?

I have a bank account in Georgia. Have the courier come here. I'll even supply directions. Just look for the entrance with this sign:


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