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I need help quickly to identify a scam. My widowed friend, a brilliant high school science teacher, "fell in love" with a man she met online a few months ago. She has been extremely lonely since her hubby's departure a few years ago and
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Posted by: Dee W.

04/13/2018, 10:20:17

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the "love" is an oil rig worker who is in Dubai or Abu dabi or some country like that. He is an American. Haha. who has a check for $250,000 he wants deposited in a bank in Georgia. All she has to do is sign the papers for him to have the money deposited in the bank.

Please help me unravel the scam. He is not asking her for money. He says he is sending a courier to have her sign the paperwork.

She is furious with all of us because he is a trustworthy man she never met. I suggested to her best friend that the courier he is sending over with the paperwork for her to sign may just be there to rob her. I told her to call the police and explain it to them. Does anyone know how this scam works?

At any rate, we all know it's a scam.

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