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Uh...they did a REMAKE???
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Posted by: LateForLunch

04/11/2018, 23:12:57

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NOTE: I actually knew that they did a remake (poorly advised) but NOT KNOWING about a wide-release film is the absolute worst insult one can make in "the industry" (PTUI!)

The only nightmare in H-Wood is to be ignored. Loved, hated, but never ignored. That is Hell for film executives and above-the-line talent.

There, I unconsciously did it referring to name actors and directors as "above the line talent" I am subtly dissing them.

Saying something like that at a party hosted by one of the stuffed peppers, would get your ass kicked out by one of their bravos (hired gang members with more than two tear-drop tats) 'n mebbe a little mustard on the hot dog.

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