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This may surprise many of you [*snicker*], but Lady Ann has something to say:
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03/11/2018, 17:37:01

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Racial Quotas Kill Kids | The Daily Caller

Ann CoulterPolitical Commentator

President Obama did a lot of bad
things, but pound for pound, one of the worst was the January 2014 “Dear
Colleague” letter sent jointly by his Education and Justice Departments
to all public schools threatening lawsuits over racial discrimination
in student discipline. The letter came after years of his administration
browbeating schools for their failure to discipline every race of
student at the same rate.

As the Huffington Post put it: “American Schools Are STILL Racist,
Government Report Finds.” The evidence? “Five percent of white students
were suspended annually, compared with 16 percent of black students,
according to the report.” Q.E.D.According to theory, there’s NO WAY
blacks and Hispanics are doing things that require more school
discipline than whites or Asians. So if more black students are expelled
than Asians, well, gentlemen, we have our proof of racism. To comply,
schools would have to stop suspending black kids for breaking a
teacher’s jaw, but suspend Asians for dropping an eraser.

Using the same logic, I could close the achievement gap between
blacks and Asians in a single day by going to every principal’s office
in the country and burning the transcripts. (Liberals are saying, “You
know, that’s not a bad idea.”)

The “school-to-prison pipeline” argument for racial quotas in
discipline was hatched in education schools and black studies
departments. What I want to know is: How did they test the idea?

To validate the theory that recording students’ criminal behavior
produces students with criminal records, we divided students into two
groups. Group A we continued to suspend when they acted up; Group B we
would not suspend no matter what — even when they engaged in their
little mischief, like cracking heads with crowbars, dropping teachers
off buildings, using a switchblade to cut other students’ eyes out.

RESULT: At the end of the year, Group B had better records.

Were the researchers really in suspense about how the experiment was
going to turn out? I could have told them at the beginning that their
odds of success were tremendous — unless they forgot halfway through and
began accidentally suspending students in Group B.

But the Obama administration said: Wow! That’s amazing. Do you think other schools could replicate those results?

One of the administration’s models was Broward County, Florida. Which
is kind of important, now that we know that it was Broward’s official
policy to make it impossible to arrest students like Nikolas Cruz, thus
allowing him to amass a cache of firearms, walk into Marjory Stoneman
Douglas High School and murder 17 people.

The “school-to-prison pipeline” nonsense may not be the explanation
for every school shooting, but it is absolutely the explanation for THIS
school shooting. No matter what Cruz did, no matter how many times his
crimes were reported to the sheriff or school officials, there was no
way a lad with a name like “Nikolas Cruz” was ever going to leave school
with a record.

Broward County’s innovative idea of eliminating school discipline
captivated Obama’s Department of Education. It was expressly cited by
the department’s Civil Rights Division with the notation: “New model for
other jurisdictions?”

Last October — nearly a year into the Trump administration — Broward
Schools Superintendent Robert W. Runcie humbly noted that the district
was receiving “invitations from around the country, including from The
White House and Federal Office of Civil Rights, to share details about
the historic reforms” on school discipline.

Either: Liberals truly believe that all races commit crimes at
exactly the same level, frequency and intensity; OR they are willing to
have people die for their political agenda.

Conservatives didn’t pick this school shooting as the test case for
gun control. It was liberals who were going to ride the Parkland
shooting all the way to the midterms. They thought they had a beautiful
story about the evil NRA.

Not the mass shooting in Orlando — because of the obvious immigration
angle. Not San Bernardino — for the same reason. Not Las Vegas —
probably for the same reason, but we’ll never know because law
enforcement has issued only lies and nonsense about that shooting.

The media did all the hard work of making sure Parkland was the only
topic on anyone’s mind, with everyone demanding that we “do something!”

And then we got the facts. Cruz’s criminal acts were intentionally
ignored by law enforcement on account of Broward’s much-celebrated
“school-to-prison pipeline” reforms.

Thank God for the internet, or we’d never have known the truth.

Admittedly, most of the harm done by the policy that enabled Cruz is
not usually a mass shooting. The main damage done by the
“school-to-prison pipeline” idiocy is: broken bones, smashed teeth,
traumatized students, making it impossible for other students to learn,
having a bad influence on marginal students and teachers sinking into

Check at your local school for the full results. Thanks to the Obama
administration, this crackpot theory is sweeping school districts across
the nation!

The next time Democrats control Congress and the presidency, we will
have racial quotas for prisons, too. When that happens, you better hope
the government hasn’t taken your guns.

Ann Coulter is conservative political and cultural commentator.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of
the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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