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Many, many years ago,
Re: Seb Gorka on the Trump presidency: “Simply put, this is the 'Revenge of Common Sense'.” -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Bartb ®

03/11/2018, 01:18:54

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I was learning Japanese as a more-or-less self-taught teenager.
I was speaking to a man who was married to a Japanese lady; he had spoken to a worker in low-class Japanese, and I was pretty sure he could have used better language.  Puzzled, I asked why he used such language.   He told me,
"One time, I asked a policeman in Tokyo a question.  He responded,
 'Sir, you speak such beautiful language that I do not understand what you said.'
 Since then I have made more of a goal to communicate."
I think Dr. Gorka might benefit from that story.

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