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"Liberalism is no longer about winning arguments. It’s about intimidating people into silence."
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

03/10/2018, 12:47:14

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John Hawkins - What Conservative Women Can Learn About Liberals From the Way They Treat Dana Loesch

John Hawkins

I have known Dana Loesch for a long time and I’ve been pleased to see
her work her way up the food chain on the Right. She didn’t get to
where she is because of a publicity stunt, because her whole gig is to
offend people or because she mindlessly shills for the Republican Party.
Instead, she’s someone with talent who was out there working her butt
off for years.

Is Dana Loesch a mainstream grassroots
conservative? Absolutely. Is she someone who should be considered a
feminist role model? You bet. Having met her and her husband on numerous
occasions, I can tell you that they seem to be a great couple with a
great marriage; they’ve got kids; she’s topped the 20 hottest conservative women in the new media
AND she’s respected for her mind. On top of that, Dana has had a
successful career. That’s probably as close to the “You can have it all”
feminist ideal as you can get.

That is why the liberal reaction
to Dana Loesch since she became one of the most prominent women on the
Right by becoming an NRA spokeswoman has been so fascinating. Granted,
Dana does occasionally say something controversial, but that’s not a
regular thing for her. She’s not a fascist, a white supremacist or even
mean-spirited. She doesn’t advocate gun violence or school shootings. In
fact, as a general rule, Dana spends the vast majority of her time
expressing mainstream conservative beliefs.

That’s what makes the
insane level of abuse she receives from the Left stand out so much. Just
to give you an example of what I mean, these are just some of the
comments she shared on her Twitter timeline in the last 24 hours and
they are very typical:

Islandtime: @POTUSbonespur "Wouldn't it be sad is @DLoesch's children were the victims of gun violence. Thoughts and prayers..."

Larry: @seffrtnow "Not
only are you a terrorist you are a Despicable loathsome vial scumbag
who advocates for Mass school shootings for money shame on you you piece
of crap @DLoesch"

irreverentmama: @irreverentmama "You're a whore for the NRA."

Jim Cornette @TheJimCornette "OK, Doll, you're quoting that terrorist @NRA c*nt on my Twitter now? Sorry, bye."

Dar Dixon @dardixon1 "@DLoesch it’s unproductive, disingenuous & non resourceful to claim that you’re anything but a WHORE for the @NRA $$$"

Tim Kassen @tkassen "Also, you are a liar. Your children will hate having to defend you once they are outside of your bubble"

Of course the habitual, vile, sexist abuse from liberals on Twitter is just the tip of the iceberg where Dana is concerned.

Rifle Association spokeswoman Dana Loesch announced Sunday on Twitter
that her family had been forced to move suddenly after she received
multiple death threats from gun control advocates.

Dana) One guy hunted down my private cell phone number, called when
police were here, threatened to shoot me in my front yard. 
#MeToo…. Another guy created a string of social media accounts, posted photos of my house, threatened to rape me to death. #MeToo…. Another gun control advocate, after threatening to hunt me down and assault me, dragged my kids into it. #MeToo….
I’ve only ever discussed these issues kinda vaguely. More I can’t
discuss. I and other 2A women are sexually threatened regularly 

it’s just me, but don’t liberals INCESSANTLY complain about the sexual
mistreatment of women and shame the men responsible (along with every
other man they can find?) Yet, while that’s happening, presumably
liberal men have been threatening to rape Dana and murder her children.
What do you think the reaction of liberals would be if they found out
Rachel Maddow or Michelle Obama had to move for their safety after
getting those kind of messages? It would be on the front page of every
paper in America and there would be Twitter hashtags for days. So why
are the vast majority of liberals indifferent to rape and death threats
as long as they’re aimed at someone like Dana?

It reminds me of something Michelle Malkin (who was also harassed until she had to move) told me back in 2008 when she was talking about the similar river of abuse she received from liberals, "There are a lot of double standards, and in particular, that conservative women just aren’t seen in some ways as human beings."

There is the ugly truth about what liberals believe.

you don’t want liberal men threatening to rape you and hurt your
children, then be a liberal. If not, don’t complain because you deserve
it. Not every liberal thinks that way, but most of them do. In fact, I
would suggest to you that the very reason Dana Loesch receives so much
abuse is not because she’s different from other conservative women
somehow, but because she is like other conservative women and they like
the idea of making an example of her.

What liberals hope is that
other conservative women will look at the rape threats, the attacks on
her family and the abuse Dana endures daily and go, “I better keep my
mouth shut because I don’t want that to happen to me.” You see, if they
can make conservative women AFRAID to speak up, they win by default.

is no longer about winning arguments. It’s about intimidating people
into silence. Shutting people up. De-platforming them. Doing whatever it
takes to make sure that only the liberal opinion is considered because
liberalism can’t win in a fair fight of ideas. So, liberal colleges
allow students to storm the stage or riot to shut up conservative
speakers. Social media platforms are finding ways to shut up
conservatives. Organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center get
paid to falsely brand conservative groups as hate groups. Newspaper and
networks other than Fox primarily run squishes and liberals masquerading
as people on the Right as their “conservative” voices. Conservatives
are treated as pariahs in Hollywood and in schools. Political
correctness, cries of “racism” and setting up “safe spaces” are today
PRIMARILY about shutting down debates that liberals would rather not
have. Along those same lines, going after the children of conservative
women, abusing those women and threatening them with rape fits right in
with everything else liberals are doing.

The only thing I can tell
conservative women (and men for that matter) is for the sake of your
children and the sake of your country, don’t ever let them silence you
or shut up the people who are saying what you believe. The moment you
stop talking about what you believe is the moment the bad guys win and
America loses.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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