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Oho! As if the Democrats aren't screwed up enough already:
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02/12/2018, 17:58:26

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Campaign Workers Unionize Just in Time for Midterm Elections


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  • Group seeks to organize all Democratic campaign staffers

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan’s November opponent is first in line

Randy Bryce

Photographer: Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call Group via Getty Images

Several Democratic congressional
campaigns have agreed to bargain collectively with the Campaign Workers
Guild, a new union trying to organize election campaign staff in what
may be a first for national politics.

The CWG announced Monday
that it had secured a union contract with the campaign of Wisconsin
activist Randy Bryce, the leading Democratic challenger to Republican
House Speaker Paul Ryan in this year’s midterm elections.

staffers are the latest professional targets for labor
organizers. While overall U.S. unionization remained at a record-low
10.7 percent, last year saw membership in the overwhelmingly non-union
professional and technical services sector grow by close to 90,000
members, bringing the total number of unionized American workers to 14.8
million, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. 

The CWG’s
effort is a first for congressional campaigns, which are staffed
largely by contract and short-term workers operating in what are often
high-pressure work environments.

“There’s no question that it’s
exploitative work,” said Rutgers University labor studies professor
Janice Fine, who’s worked on local and national election campaigns.
“It’s premised on the idea that young people will work 24-7 in a
selfless -- and often dangerously selfless -- way, and that culture has
been passed on for generations.”

Among the issues the union said
it seeks to take on are hours that approach eighty per week and wages
that are below $15 an hour.

Under the agreement with Bryce’s
campaign, workers will get paid time off and earn at least $3,000 per
month. The negotiated contract covers eight employees and includes a
third-party reporting process for sexual harassment and monthly health
insurance reimbursement of up to $500, the campaign said. “Randy is a
candidate who practices what he preaches,” said Bryce spokeswoman Lauren

Additional House campaigns and one gubernatorial campaign
have also recognized the CWG and are negotiating contracts, according to
the union’s vice president, Meg Reilly. “We’re starting with Democratic
candidates because there’s obviously an explicit disconnect between the
Democratic platform and how Democratic candidates treat their workers,”
she said. She declined to identify the other campaigns citing ongoing

The CWG and its members are following the lead of
progressive non-profits. Some of them, such as the Center for American
Progress and Lambda Legal, have agreed to bargain collectively with
their employees in recent years. Last fall, the Vermont Democratic
Party, whose new executive director is a former union political
director, voted to
collectively bargain with its staff, who have affiliated with the United Steelworkers Union.

ultimate aim is a collective bargaining agreement that would cover all
Democratic campaigns for local, state, and federal office and those for
progressive ballot measures. 


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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