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Wuzzat an earthquake in Sacramento?
Re: CA high school student steps fearlessly on the Third Rail, and the predictable crackling, sparking, explosive light show ensues.... -- TEEBONE Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Russ Walden

02/11/2018, 14:20:47

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1 - "The program currently has 508 students enrolled, including 12 African American students, 80 Hispanic students and 104 who are Asian, according to data provided by the district."

'Spose those numbers accurately represent the school population? Me, neither.

2 - Weve clearly not progressed as much as the students want to think we have, said one freshman in HISP. Its just kind of shocking to think someone could enter into that program knowing that is what we are learning about and being so closed-minded. "

Hey, the kid wasn't "closed-minded." He had a hypothesis, tested it, and presented his findings. 'Sounds like good scientific work to me.


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