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Posted by: LateForLunch

02/11/2018, 02:45:50

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..but sort of related.I know a fellow from Russia. He told me that he has a friend with a store and some (homeless) shoplifters started to hit the place over and over again. Instead of getting the cops involved, the owner hired him and a couple of friends to hang around the store and make sure everyone paid for stuff before they left the store.

Some fool tried to to a grab-and-run, but the boys in the store caught him outside, took the stuff back and gave him a choice - he could pay for the stuff or get his *ss kicked. The fool told them to go **** themselves, so they tuned him up in the back alley and as he lay on the ground bruised/bleeding, told him that if he came back to shoplift again, the next time they'd toss him in a dumpster bound and gagged where he'd be crushed before anyone found him (IF they found him). He never came back to try to shoplift again and never went to the cops.

More than likely he left town. As brutal as that is, it actually makes a lot more sense than getting the cops, lawyers and courts involved.

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