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Blatant sex discrimination right here in my home county . . .
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Posted by: Russ Walden

02/10/2018, 12:04:27

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A regular part of my morning news browse is the Forsyth County News. First article on the site this morning announced the following:

"This month, the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute will be offering
free prostate health screenings to men within Forsyth County."

Cool, I thought. I get mine checked regularly. Then I realized it said "to men." Whoa! Can't do that in today's enlightened society. What about the women? What about women who self-identify as men? Do they have to pay?

So, now we will have women asking, "Why should we have to pay for what the men are getting for free?"

Well, boo-hoo, ladies. Men have been asking the inverse of that question for about a thousand years without a shred of sympathy from you broads. So cry me a river.

Anyhow, I have decided to remedy this injustice. I have placed an ad in the Forsyth County News offering free prostate examinations to qualifying women. Teebone is helping me draft the list of qualifications.

Enjoy your day. It's raining outside, so looks like a shop day.


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