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Most Democrats do that to me. Yes, they were colluding with the Russians and it's even worse than we originally thought. I posted Cliff Notes about how they set him up.
Re: My 2-faced senator went after the president and showed no mercy but today, I discovered the one who colluded with Russians was my conniving liberal senator! -- Jenny Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: Dee W. ®

02/09/2018, 10:27:20

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wanted a FISA warrant to spy on Trump and applied in June, but were turned down
for lack of cause.

2.    A
Russian attorney, Natlalia Veselnitskaya, calls Trump Jr. and claims to have
information on Hillary. Natalia was not supposed to be in the US. The DOJ
turned down her application for a Visa, however, Hillary Clinton’s State Dept.
issued a special-rare visa for Natalia. Natalia then arranged a meeting with
Trump Jr.

3.    Before
that meeting with Trump Jr., Natalia met with Fusion GPS (Hillary’s dossier
group) and right after the meeting, Natalia again, met with Fusion GPS.

4.    There
was no information passed at that meeting. The important point of the meeting
was merely  to have Trump Jr. meet
with her so Hillary could use “He met with a Russian” later as they planned a
set-up of Donald J. Trump.

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