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Weyulp, the DemoProgs should be ecstatic over this, particularly the NYT: (After all, it's how they wanna dispose of DJT, right?)
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01/10/2018, 16:22:54

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Russian historian who exposed Stalin's crimes faces enforced psychiatr

Andrew Osborn4 Min Read

(Reuters) - A Russian historian whose exposure of Soviet leader Josef
Stalin’s crimes angered state officials is due to begin enforced
psychiatric testing this week amid fears he will be falsely declared
insane, his lawyer said on Tuesday.

PHOTO: Historian Yuri Dmitriev accused of using his adopted daughter to
produce child pornography, of illegally possessing a firearm, and of
depravity, is escorted by a police officer upon his arrival for a court
hearing in Petrozavodsk, Russia June 5, 2017. REUTERS/Igor Podgorny

Dmitriev, 61, is on trial in northwest Russia on charges brought by
state prosecutors of involving his adopted daughter, then 11, in child
pornography, of illegally possessing “the main elements of” a firearm,
and of depravity involving a minor.

Some of Russia’s leading
cultural figures say Dmitriev was framed because his focus on Stalin’s
crimes - he found a mass grave with up to 9,000 bodies dating from the
Soviet dictator’s Great Terror in the 1930s - jars with the latter-day
Kremlin narrative that Russia must not be ashamed of its past.

narrative has taken on added importance ahead of a March presidential
election which polls show incumbent Vladimir Putin, who uses his
country’s World War Two victory when Stalin was in charge to bolster
national pride, is on track to win.

Putin asserted last year that what he called an “excessive demonization of Stalin” was being used to undermine Russia.

Dmitriev faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted of the charges, which he denies.

previous psychiatric evaluation declared him to be of sound mind and a
court-sanctioned expert group found no pornographic content in nine
photographs of his daughter that are at the center of the case against
him, overturning the earlier findings of other experts commissioned by

But on Dec. 27, in an unexpected twist, the court
ordered that the same nine photos be re-examined by experts for a third
time. It also granted the prosecution’s request that Dmitriev undergo
enforced psychiatric testing to determine whether he has “sexual

However, the court declined a prosecution request to extend his detention beyond Jan. 28.


lawyer, Viktor Anufriev, told Reuters on Tuesday he had written to the
supreme court of Karelia, the region where his client is being tried, to
appeal against the court order.

“He’s already been through one
(psychiatric) test. The conclusions were fine, no evidence of deviance
was found, and the results were not contested by prosecutors,” said

“This (latest testing) was ordered illegally.”

was flown to Moscow at the end of last year to be evaluated at a
psychiatric clinic, the Serbsky Centre, that was infamous in Soviet
times for providing false testimony to allow the authorities to lock up
dissidents in psychiatric facilities.

Anufriev said he expected a doctor to be appointed to handle his client’s psychiatric case later on Tuesday.

said he hoped the evaluation, which could last for up to a month, would
be objective, but was concerned that state security officials in
Karelia might pressure doctors.

He did not specify which officials he was referring to.

TV broadcast last year what it billed as an expose of Dmitriev and of
Memorial, the organization for which he worked, complaining that foreign
money was being used to provide a distorted and overly negative version
of Russian history.

The Kremlin has told Reuters it does not get
involved in cases like Dmitriev‘s, while the Investigative Committee of
Karelia, whose investigators submitted the original case for
prosecution, did not respond to Reuters’ questions about whether there
was a political side to the trial. They said only that there had been
enough evidence to open a criminal case.

Anufriev, Dmitriev’s lawyer, said he was worried.

if they can’t convict him (of child pornography) they need to declare
him insane,” the lawyer said. “It’s a purely Soviet procedure. Make
accusations and then end things by locking someone up in a psychiatric

Editing by Mark Heinrich


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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