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Two letters to the editor
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Posted by: Bartb ®

12/06/2017, 01:46:38

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New to Colorado Springs
Being newcomers to Colorado Springs, having recently moved fro New England, we are sharing a "newcomers' views" of Colorado Springs.
. Since moving here, we have not found one thing we do not like about Colorado Springs.
. Thee is an endless variety of activities going on all the time for almost every taste of economic level.
. We purchased an older home in a great neighborhood and were able to find a very professional contractor to renovate our home.  We also have a great handyman with multiple skills and reasonable charges for his work.
. Although not looking for employment, there seems to be a great many jobs available.
. The Colorado Springs airport, which appears to being growing, has flights or connections to all the areas we travel to.
. We have joined a number of organizations and found most of the people we have met to be both friendly and welcoming.
. One odd thing, we noticed it takes mail four days to get from downtown, which is five miles from our house, while we get mail from Shanghai, which is about 6,500 miles away in 7 or 8 days regularly. [*]
Nathaniel & Janet Gilmore

[* editor's note: it takes mail about a week from Denver.]
Responders 'Just doing their jobs'
This last Thursday, about sunset, my neighbor suffered a cardiac arrest.  His heart stopped, and he collapsed.  He had been outside doing yardwork and talking with another neighbor walking her dog along the trail running by our backyards.  She was a nurce and jumped the fence to start CPR right away.
Another neighbor's Great Dane started barking at this, and since Great Danes are not noted for barking, the kids came out to see what was going on.  The nurse told them to call 911.
Within five minutes, the firetruck was there and took over the CPR, other emergency procedures, and hooked up enough machines with glowing lights, lines, and numbers to make my neighbor look like a transformer.
Every professional who was there was totaly focused on saving this person's life.  I tried to thank them, but they wee busy and the lieutenant in charge said "just doing our job".
The ambulance arrived and so more professionals were helping.
My neighbor got to the hospital in under 50 minutes, so for all of them, it was their speed in responding and their skill, not luck, that saved his life.
Our entire neighborhood would very much like to thank our neighbor who started the first CPR, the fire crew that was so focused and dedicated  and busy "just" doing their job and the ambulance crew that got him to the hospital in such a timely fashion.  (And a steak for Henry, the Great Dane.)
Thank You!
Roger Weed
         Colorado skies
 Mountain passes two miles high
      This is where I'll die.

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