EXCLUSIVE: Randy Quaid, the next senator from the Great State of Vermont? We’ll pause a moment while that concept sinks in.

veteran actor tweeted a threat/warning Thursday claiming that reps from
a superPAC have approached him about running against Bernie Sanders for his U.S. Senate seat next year. And a reality show pitch about that potentially wacky race is making its way around town. Public Spectacle Media
is planning an unscripted series that would follow Quaid’s long-shot
bid to become the junior senator from the Green Mountain State.

Amid the Donald Trump era of reality TV’s convergence with
politics, the proposed docu-sitcom is in development at Public Spectacle
Media. The show would follow Quaid — and likely his wife, Evi, who grew
up in Vermont — as he “takes on” one of the most high-profile
politicians in the country. Bradford Broyles and Lenny Britton of Public
Spectacle and Amanda Raymond are the producers.

While the odds
don’t exactly favor Quaid unseating the lefty darling who gave Hillary
Clinton a run for her big money last year, it could be a hoot to
witness. Quaid, of course, has been out of the Hollywood spotlight for
the past decade or so — but he’s been in the news. Two years ago, he and
Evi were held by U.S. Customs in Vermont on charges of skipping the
country to dodge a 2010 case involving breaking into and vandalizing
their former home in Santa Barbara, CA. The couple had fled to Vancouver
and were detained at the Canadian border in October 2015 while trying
to re-enter the U.S. after officials from the Great White North granted
Evi Quaid citizenship but denied Randy permanent residence and said he
would be deported. The actor was released days later and allowed to stay
in Vermont.

Quaid’s credits include Brokeback Mountain, a Golden Globe-winning turn in LBJ: The Early Years, comedy classics Kingpin and Vacation and his Oscar-nominated early-career role opposite Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail.

Broyles, Britton and Raymond are repped by Art Rutter at Critical Mass Entertainment.