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IPPP!!! And STINK!!!
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

12/03/2017, 18:30:02

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And Demo-poopy-FINK!!!

Mueller Removed Top Agent in Russia Inquiry Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts

Michael S. Schmidt, Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman

Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating Russian meddling in the election, in June.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

— The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, removed a top F.B.I.
agent this summer from his investigation into Russian election meddling
after the Justice Department’s inspector general began examining whether
the agent had sent text messages that expressed anti-Trump political
views, according to three people briefed on the matter.

agent, Peter Strzok, is considered one of the most experienced and
trusted F.B.I. counterintelligence investigators. He helped lead the
investigation into whether Hillary Clinton had mishandled classified
information on her private email account, and then played a major role
in the investigation into links between President Trump’s campaign and

Mr. Strzok was reassigned this summer from Mr. Mueller’s investigation
to the F.B.I.’s human resources department, where he has been stationed
since. The people briefed on the case said the transfer followed the
discovery of text messages in which Mr. Strzok and a colleague reacted
to news events, like presidential debates, in ways that could appear
critical of Mr. Trump.

upon learning of the allegations, the special counsel’s office removed
Peter Strzok from the investigation,” said a spokesman for the special
counsel’s office, Peter Carr.

inspector general’s office at the Justice Department said that as part
of a larger inquiry it was conducting into how the F.B.I. had handled
investigations related to the 2016 election, the office was “reviewing
allegations involving communications between certain individuals, and
will report its findings regarding those allegations promptly upon
completion of the review of them.”

lawyer for Mr. Strzok did not return several messages seeking comment. A
spokeswoman for the Justice Department said that “we are aware of the
allegation and are taking any and all appropriate steps.” ABC News reported in August that Mr. Strzok had left the investigation, but the reason for the move was unclear at the time.

Strzok’s reassignment shows that Mr. Mueller moved swiftly in the face
of what could be perceived as bias by one of his agents amid a
politically charged inquiry into Mr. Trump’s campaign and
administration. But the existence of the text messages is likely to fuel
claims by Mr. Trump that he is the target of a witch hunt.

discovery of the text messages came at a crucial moment in Mr.
Mueller’s investigation. At the time, Mr. Mueller was ramping up his
inquiry into Mr. Trump’s former advisers, while also coming under
criticism for putting many donors to Democratic candidates on his team.
Some conservatives encouraged Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Mueller, saying the
investigation was tainted. Mr. Trump seriously entertained the idea but
ultimately backed down.

is not clear what Mr. Strzok said in his text messages. F.B.I.
regulations allow agents to express opinions “as an individual privately
and publicly on political subjects and candidates.”

and former law enforcement officials who worked with Mr. Strzok said
they had never seen any evidence that he allowed his political views to
influence the investigations he led. They said that Mr. Strzok, a former
Army officer, was deeply trusted by James B. Comey, the former F.B.I.
director, and that he would probably have become one of the bureau’s top
officials had the questions not been raised about his text messages.

inquiry into Mr. Strzok is being conducted by the Justice Department’s
inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, who is leading a broad
examination of how the F.B.I. handled the Clinton email investigation.
It is not clear whether Mr. Horowitz will make the text messages public
as part of his report in the inquiry. Mr. Horowitz, who announced the
beginning of his investigation in January, declined to characterize his
findings but said that he hoped to have a copy of his report released by
March or April.


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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