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And the progressives continue to demonstrate how abjectly worthless they are:
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Posted by: TEEBONE ®

12/03/2017, 15:06:19

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GQ Mag Wanted Readers to 'Ruin Thanksgiving' for Trump Voters

If your Thanksgiving holiday went off without a hitch, then you can be thankful that none of your guests read GQ magazine…

what amounts to another example of so-called liberal “tolerance”, GQ
urges readers to ruin Thanksgiving for their Trump-supporting relieves
in an article titled, “It’s Your Civic Duty to Ruin Thanksgiving by
Bringing Up Trump”.

Far more than promoting the discussion of
politics at Thanksgiving, this monumental contribution to political
journalism encourages readers to throw full-out temper tantrums in
protest of their relatives making their own decisions about who to vote
for. Some advice the article dishes out for how Trump-protesting
juveniles can get their point across at the Thanksgiving tables included
the following:

“Don’t show up. For some parents, your absence
will speak louder than any sodden arguments over the density of pumpkin
pie. If you can’t even look them in the eye, they’ll know you mean

“Not even a handshake; just stare,
disgustedly, at their outstretched arms. Build a wall out of mashed
potatoes…Refuse to be alone in a room with your mom, citing the Mike
Pence rule. Call your parents by a Donald Trump nickname of your
choosing—perhaps Little Rocket Mom or Liddle’ Dad. Insist on setting a
place for Robert Mueller, the way Jews do for Elijah on Passover. Wear a
coal miner hat for solidarity. Punch a cornucopia right in the mouth.”

points such as these were actually funny, one might be able to write
this article off as satire. If these points actually offered real advice
on how to expand across party lines and discuss politics with those who
may disagree with you, one might be able to take it seriously.

it stands, though, the writer of this piece lands in an awkward
no-man’s land between ridiculousness and an absurd sense of
self-importance. Judging by the full context of the article, this writer
really does believe that throwing a temper tantrum at Thanksgiving is
the best path forward, and he would probably be giddy if a small army of
infantile leftists did just that.

Of course, falling back on
temper tantrums as a go-to political tactic is nothing new for those on
the far-left. Just take a look at Antifa — a group who has become the
new face of the far-left and one that would put a class of unruly
kindergarteners to shame in a tantrum-throwing contest.

While it
might be funny to picture a snowflake still so distraught by Trump’s
electoral victory that they are crossing their arms and refusing to eat
any turkey, the implications of the GQ’s article are concerning. The
political divide in our country right now is arguably deeper and more
harmful than it has been at any point in history since the Civil War.

it’s unclear what it will take to bring Americans together and get them
started working for the good of all people and not just the good of
their party again, but purposefully ruining holidays where we are
supposed to be giving thanks isn’t going to do the trick.

To make
matters even worse, the GQ writer wasn’t calling for political debates
this Thanksgiving. Instead, he’s calling for nothing short of emotional
pleas and fits of anger such as refusing to show up and calling your
parents names.

If you still think these suggestions might be exaggerated satire, check out this quote from near the article’s end:

course, this is about more than just spite—as satisfying as spite can
be in these trying times. This is about potentially chipping away at the
~35 percent of un-budging Trump supporters. Sure, some of them are
fully on board with every inexplicable decision, but others may be
swayable…Having a son or daughter loathe everything you’ve become is
easier long distance; it’s another thing when that kid is staring
turkey-carving daggers at you from across the table.”

difficult to imagine what good those on the left could hope to see from
such antics. It’s almost as if, at least for this particular writer, the
idea of swaying others with logic and reason has lost all appeal, and
instead he hopes to see voters swayed by hate and spite.

unlikely to do any good no matter what side of the political spectrum
you are on, it’s easy to imagine the harm that is to come when
mainstream journalism advising people to “loathe” their relatives during
the holidays is now considered normal.

~ Conservative Zone


Democrats wouldn't buy a clue if it was government subsidized.

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