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Posted by: Bartb

11/14/2017, 07:07:05

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I had an idea which I thought would save lives, and maybe, make me a few bucks,
I had no idea what I was getting into, I've never done this before.
Many of you have good ideas too, but you have never pursued them.
It can be done, but it will cost you. I am in the hole for about $20K.
Just know that it will take more time and money than you planned for.
If you still think your idea is good enough, here is one way you can go:
I contacted a company named "invent help". They seem pretty good, but it is going to cost you. They will take care of the art work to describe your invention, they will start the process to get you a patent, they will display your produce at shows, they will negotiate your marketing (for 80/20 % of the take).
There may be better deals to be made, but I don't know of them; I'm a newbie to this world. OTOH, you will need to cough up about $15,000 to start things going, with more to come. Be prepared.
Included in this cost is a professional team that knows tax laws and how to do your personal/business taxes to get credit for your expenses. You could easily end up owing no taxes for several years, depending on your income.

Start thinking about the name for your new invention.

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