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I believe everything in your posts...except the last thing...the clams...they cannot be as hot as you claim...
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Posted by: LateForLunch

11/14/2017, 02:05:43

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...For even I am not such a fool as to believe that fried clams could be overly seasoned. (chuckling ruefully) That would clearly be madness (most foul!!) and you are not mad, General!! Slightly Teed off but not in any sense unhinged enough for THAT. (sidelong darting glance at comrades in room, all chuckling ruefully, ironically, jovially together in jocular-larity)!! (all a-tweeded up!) Ah! The chucka-chucka-chuckaling on that day!!

The Meketrick Supplicants were well-represented in fashion if not in judgment. Slain by a slor as I recall - Gozer appeared in that form to punish them.

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