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Yammerheads are clamoring. Nothing new.
Re: Listening to FOX news this morning: Just how is FOX fair and Balanced? They are as bad as CNN -- Chubbyloveable Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch

11/14/2017, 01:13:57

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What is a little disturbing is that Judge Moore seems to be taking it a little too personally - he should have expected something like this and had a strategery(sic) in place to deal with it when it did.

I'm fairly sure he's innocent of everything and everything else. But owing to how the public often behaves like a slow, stupid, vindictive animal, this sort of smarmy, vicious, rodent-behavior is often effective.

Hopefully Moore will get a grip on what is going on conceptually and do some consulting with PR experts so as to get a handle on the entire process.

Vigorous lawsuits must ensue immediately or he will look guilty. If judge Moore is as innocent as he claims, he must sue the accusers for slander and be very vocal about it.

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