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"You don't stop mass shootings by arming everybody." - How do you know? Have you TRIED it? No? Well then... SIDDOWN AND SHADDUP.
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Posted by: TEEBONE

11/13/2017, 22:44:00

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MI: Riley: Michigan Senate Loses It's Mind, Votes to Allow Guns in Schools and churches
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Corey Salo

The Michigan Senate has lost its collective mind.

The 38-member body approved legislation Wednesday that would allow folks to carry concealed handguns into schools, churches, day care centers, bars and stadiums - all places that now ban them.

Rather than be deterred by recent mass shootings that have left dozens dead and hundreds injured, these senators want to take the law into their own hands - or place it in the hands of whoever happens to be there if - and when - Michigan suffers fates similar to those that occurred in Texas and Nevada.

They want to make sure people can participate in gun battles as if at the OK Corral, notwithstanding the children or parishioners that might be in the way


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