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The story of a Hero
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Posted by: Bartb ®

11/11/2017, 06:58:17

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This hero joined the military during the Korean war.  I don't know his stories for that time.
He retired from the military and joined the Government as a civilian. He had various tasks until he was assigned to a special situation.
Although he had no pilot's license he flew a small plane, landing on dirt roads, in a country where the U.S. was not.  There,
he treated men, women, and children.  He delivered babies, he did C-sections as needed.  He treated gun wounds, stab wounds.
sword wounds as needed.  He performed surgery when needed.  He would have fit right into MASH.  The civil war that never happened
produced wounded people from both sides that needed treatment.  Both sides came to him, because both sides trusted him.
Sometimes, one would say, "don't come next Tuesday."  He would adjust his schedule to come next Wednesday to treat the wounded.

He saved thousands of lives of men, women, and children.
I think he had a High School diploma.  I know he had no college degrees, and no medical degrees, and yet,
He saved thousands of lives of men, women, and children.
On his way home, he stopped off in Tokyo to attend the blessing of his grandson.  After retiring  from the Government, he worked for
a hospital as chief medical purchasing agent.
He was having lunch with the chief of surgery; he stood up and collapsed.  In the O.R., they pumped 47 pints of blood into him,
but he bled out faster than they could pump it in.
He received a full military funeral and burial at sea.
There is no star on the Wall for him, because he did not "die with his boots on".
I've seen that Wall, and I think there is room for his star

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