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Posted by: TEEBONE

11/09/2017, 23:40:39

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Gun Violence

To the editor:Gun
violence in this country is a toxic crisis! What more do you all need
to put down your guns and admit it? You guard your gun rights with your
lives, literally.

The Second Smendment did not say, infer or even
mildly gesture that guns were imperative for our survival. The Second
Amendment only referred to that period of history when men were expected
to be "ready" to defend our government. Men propped up their guns
outside their doors for "readiness."

Today we cherish honoring
heroes who act quickly with their guns to thwart crimes, but we won't
take action to prevent crime and gun violence. The spread of this cancer
of gun violence must be stopped.

The government refuses to
legislate.The gun dealers insist they are following the law. The NRA's
wealthy influence ensures their immunity.

Gun owners claim that
people kill, guns don't. The military allows troops with mental health
needs or criminal behavior to return to civilian life without proper
treatment management and restrictions.

Gun violence is viewed as a trade-off by all these groups to maintain their Second Amendment rights.

These groups are narcissists, with the blood of gun violence victims on their hands.

Anita Lohinecz



Dear Anita:

Your insistence that the 99.9% of us
gun owners/carriers who aren't violent criminals should have no problem
surrendering our rights because of the actions of the .1% who are is
pretentious, self-serving "virtue signaling".

The hubris of such a demand is nauseating.


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