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Russ, here's the real kicker.
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09/13/2017, 11:49:10

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We're using Joe's vintage Briggs & Stratton 4K generator. It got him through the aftermath of Andrew in '92, and got us through the much-less-significant aftermath of Wilma.

It's now finicky. The choke setting defies a solution. You can't find a spot where there isn't a rolling oscillation in the RPM, and you have to keep an ear on it and slightly tweak it either up or down until it regains enough equilibrium to keep running.

It's a real PITA.

Now for the frustrating part: I have a brand-new (or nearly so) Generac 4K generator that isn't even through the break-in period yet. The manual sez to change the oil after 50hrs of operation to get rid of the contaminated oil. It had just a bit less than half that on it when I pulled it out of the shed to lend to our immediate neighbor. His family couldn't find one (of course not) in the run-up to Irma.

They'd never experienced a hurricane before, so they were a bit na´ve in that regard. They are fine people, the parents legal "dry foot" immigrants from Cuba, the two sons born here, but after mom had gotten her citizenship. Two years ago, Gomez hissown se'f was sworn in as an American citizen; mighty proud he is of that. That day he raised an American flag on his property, and it has flown there ever since.

Anyway, we all know what good neighbors do; they help each other when in need. So I did.

So now, we're stuck with Joe's "problem" generator, and they are in the clover.

But when ours took a dump this morning at 1:30AM, Gomez and one of the sons were at my side in less than two minutes to help with the issue, without being asked - they heard it stop running, heard me pulling the cord with no results, and rushed to the rescue.

As I said, we all know what good neighbors do, do we not?

But as I indicated in another post, it kept running then stopping, running then stopping, until I just gave up and went to bed.

Thank God I got it running again this morning, and so far it's holding its own. I hope it lasts until FPL restores our power. I hope.

(Did I say I wuz hoping....?)



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