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Village by village and city by city. Coming down. A tale of my former city is the blueprint for that which is happening across the nation.
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Posted by: Dee W.

09/13/2017, 11:30:27

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An elected official put a comment on her FB page about how the local schools were being inundated by non citizens, namely Islamics.

The leftist Democrats screamed and the muslims took to attending the village meeting. The media ran stories and the woman said she has her opinion and she voiced it and refused to resign.

Alinsky suggests that when the target is tough, you go to those around the target. So they did just that. They became violent at a board meeting and attacked a man who supported the woman who believed in free speech.

Now, the radical islamists are demanding (along with a traitorous McCain-type Republican) that the board vote to ask her to resign. It looks like the board is cracking and she will be asked. However, they cannot remove her. Her answer is a great one. "You can toss me out in three years, when I run for election." It's brilliant because most of the American people in the region has contacted her telling her they support her. That is the only way to fight back. I pray she will remain strong.

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