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This link just made my morning ! What a difference from Katrina
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Posted by: Slim ®

09/12/2017, 10:54:42

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 Needless to say I love animals so the pictures did make my morning. And made me think Floridians are top quality human beings!

 It broke my heart seeing all the abandoned animals after Katrina. I know it was the authorities who dictated it there but this time the animals were treated so much better. If I remember correctly they changed the laws regarding family pets after Katrina.

 I have a Shih Tzu and there was one picture I have of a Shih Tzu .. filthy and wet and alone wandering in the rubble that actually made me cry. I used the image in a page I wrote for my web site at the time  but my web site is no longer on line as my eyesight is failing although I do still have all my files.  I looked at that image this morning  and it still brought tears to my eyes.

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