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I know a psychologist...
Re: Tuffy is terrified of thunder . He'd crawl under my skin if he could in a Thunderstorm -- slim Post Reply Top of thread Forum

Posted by: LateForLunch ®

09/11/2017, 10:15:23

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...whose dog Jesse (named after the character in Breaking Bad) got panicky in thunderstorms.

She decided not to take an associate's advice (a small dose of valium and deep-tissue massage with Chopin in the background), but instead tried a little behavior modification. Sitting with her dog, every time they heard a loud thunderclap, she gave pooch a few of his favorite treats (had to be irresistible). Now, when the thunder starts, he jumps up with tail wagging expectantly - knowing that treats are coming!! No more shivering or whining. But she had to run him a little more after so he didn't put on too much weight.

And goodness Big Macs are expensive!! Here is a picture of Jesse very proudly making sure that nothing goes to waste on his watch!!

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